Marine Toxicity Identification Evaluation (TIE): Phase I Guidance Document


The Marine Toxicity Identification Evaluation (TIE): Phase I Guidance Document focuses on methods for characterizing toxicity associated with discharges to marine waters including effluents and receiving waters. Its purpose is to provide guidance to dischargers, testing laboratory staff, and local, state, and regional personnel in conducting Phase I of a marine TIE. Methods for conducting freshwater toxicity tests and TIEs have been produced (EPA 1991a, 1991b, 1993a, 1993b, 1993, c); however, these methods were not directly applicable to marine samples. As stated in EPA 1993c: These methods are not mandatory but are intended to aid those who need to characterize, identify or confirm the cause of toxicity in effluents or other aqueous samples such as ambient waters, sediments, and leachates. Where we lack experience, we have indicated this and have suggested avenues to follow. All tests need not be done on every sample; the tests are, in general, independent. However, experience have taught us that skipping tests may result in wasted time, especially in the early stages of Phase I. An exception to this is when one wants to know only if a specific substance, for example ammonia, is causing the toxicity or if toxicants other than ammonia are involved. Otherwise, we urge the whole battery of tests.

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marine toxicity, environmental protection