Environmental geologic atlas of the Texas coastal zone. Galveston - Houston area.




Fisher, W.L.
McGowen, J.H.
Brown, L.F., Jr.
Groat, C.G.

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University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology


Dynamic coastal processes, climate geology, geologic history, environment, land, and water bodies of the Galveston-Houston area are described. Environmental geologic maps which depict resource units of 1st-order environmental significance are presented, and special-use maps designed for particular information are provided. The special-use maps deal with physical properties and land-use suitability, current land use, active physical processes, mineral and energy resources, land and submerged land, topographic and bathymetric configuration, natural and artificial water systems, and climate. Approximately 20,000 mile squared are covered. The effects of channelization, devegetation, shoreline construction, waste disposal, filling and land reclamation, artificial passes, and natural catastrophes on this area are discussed, and the use of these maps in land and water management programs is considered.


91 pgs., 9 maps


Atlases, environments, Geology