Environmental Geologic Atlas of the Texas Coastal Zone - Galveston-Houston Area



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University of Texas at Austin


The Coastal Zone, defined from the inner Continental Shelf to about 40 miles inland, includes all estuaries and tidally influenced streams and bounding wetlands. For purposes of presentation, the Zone was divided into seven areas from the Texas-Louisiana boundary southwestward to the Rio Grande-(1) Beaumont-Port Arthur, (2) Galveston-Houston, (3) Bay City-Freeport, (4) Port Lavaca, (5) Corpus Christi, (6) Kingsville, and (7) Brownsville-Harlingen. Each of these seven coastal areas is covered by a separate Environmental Geologic Atlas containing a descriptive text, statistical tables, an environmental geology map (scale 1:125,000), and eight special-use environmental maps (scale 1:250,000). The seven Coastal Atlases cover approximately 20,000 square miles.


91 pages - 9 maps


bathymetry, topography, surface salinity, discharge, rainfall, man-made water systems, man-made features, active processes, mineral and energy resources, land use, biological assemblages, environments, physical properties, environmental geology, Galveston, Texas, Houston, Texas, atlas