Generalizing the Stewardship Ethic in GBF Volunteers

Jan. 25, 2007
Hall, SK
Stokes, Jr, RJ
Biggs, H
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Galveston Bay Estuary Program

Community-based restoration has received attention concerning the human dimensions factors inherent with volunteer samples, including the need for interdisciplinary research. GBF partnered with UHCL-EIH to examine the effects of a volunteer bay restoration activity and the extent to which other environmentally friendly (EF) behaviors are promoted. Participants (N=107) were examined March-August 2006 with pre- and post-surveys concerning bay restoration and other EF behaviors. GBF volunteers (N=38) completed the post surveys 4 to 6 weeks after the pre-test. Positive behaviors concerning bay restoration increased pre/post but not significantly so (p < .08). General EF behaviors did not increase pre/post. Previous findings about stewardship behaviors being specific to one activity were somewhat supported. GBF volunteers reported positive behaviors concerning bay restoration and for general EF behaviors on the pre-and post-tests, indicating that volunteers are EF when they arrive to restore the bay. Perhaps only the most EF volunteers completed the post-test. Future study should examine general stewardship activity patterns. More time between pre- and post-surveys may also provide different research results. Experts in bay restoration may benefit by partnering with behavioral scientists to study and promote EF behaviors.

ethics, restoration activities, stewardship, volunteers