U.S. environmental laws.

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Bureau of National Affairs, Incorporated

This is the third edition of the U.S. Environmental Laws published by the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. The environmental laws in this volume are current through May 1991. It incorporates major changes to several key environmental statues, with the reworking of the Clean Air Act being the most extensive. Since publication of the last edition of the U.S. Environmental Laws, Congress has also added new titles to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and the Toxic Substances Control Act and substantially amended the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. In addition, in response to the massive oil spill from the Valdez in Alaska's Prince William Sound, Congress passed the Oil Pollution Prevention Act of 1990, which made important changes in the Clean Water Act. All these changes are contained in this new edition.

1248 p.
environmental legislation, legal aspects, legislation, government policy, air quality, pollution control, permits, water quality