River and Harbor Aid to Navigation System (RIHANS) Phase 1-C; System Definition. Volume I. System Description




Frye E; McLaughlin R; Dedich J; Laubengayer W; Sellers G

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The Coast Guard has initiated development of the River and Harbor Aid to Navigation System (RIHANS), an all-weather, short-range precision navigation system for use in harbors and harbor entrances. This report covers the results of the Collins-proposed RIHANS Phase 1, System Refinement Analysis and Technical Definition. The results provide equipment configuration, deployment configuration, cost projection, and accuracy analysis of the approach proposed to meet RIHANS requirements. The system described in this report is basically a short pulse microwave beacon system. Hyperbolic lines of position are generated by these beacons in a manner similar to the LORAN Systems. (Author) Portions of this document are not fully legible




2;76D Navigation,Guidance,& Control: Navigation Systems;Accuracy;All weather;Cost;Deployment;Detroit River;Distance;Galveston bay;Harbors;Houston Ship Channel;Hyperbolic navigation;Inland waterways;Lake Erie;Microwave equipment;Navigation;Navigational aids;Position finding;Radio beacons;Radio navigation;Radio receivers;Radio transmitters;Requirements;RIHANS;River and Harbor Aid to Navigation Systems;Rivers;Ships;Short range;Surface navigation;Systems engineering;United States;Volume;