Long-term monitoring of CE habitat development on dredged material sites, 1974-84

Landin MC
Newling CJ
Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Stn. VMUEL
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Over the past 11 years, seven dredged material sites located in US Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station (WES). Wetland sites are located at Windmill Point in the James River, Virginia; Buttermilk Sound in the Altamaha River, Georgia; Drake Wilson Island in Apalachicola Bay, Florida; Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston Bay, Texas; Salt Pond 3 in south San Francisco Bay, California; and Miller Sands Island in the Columbia River, Oregon. Upland sites are located at Nott Island in the Connecticut River, Connecticut; Bolivar Peninsula; and Miller Sands. In addition, four dredged material sites developed by Corps Districts are being monitored informally at other site visits. Southwest Pass at the mouth of the mouth of the Mississippi River, Louisiana (New Orleans District), are wetland sites only; Gaillard Island in lower Mobile Bay, Alabama (Mobile District), and Pointe Mouillee in western Lake Erie, Michigan (Detroit District), are both wetland sites. (DBO)

Development, Dredge spoil, Galveston Bay, habitat, long-term changes, Monitoring, O 6040 Mining and Dredging Operations, Q1 01464 Other aquatic communities, Q2 02384 Dredging, Sand, Texas, Waste disposal sites