Administration of Contract Drum Removal Program and Computation of Record of Catch Data - Marine Fisheries Management in Region V


There were twenty-four requests for permits for the 1962-1963 season. Sixteen were issued; thirteen remained active at the close of the season. Record of catch forms, which are filled in daily and submitted monthly by each contract drum netter, were analyzed. Twenty-four fishermen, in 1,553 days fished, harvested 161,882 black drum during the six-month period from December 1, 1961 to May 31, 1962 in the waters of Cameron and Willacy Counties. These black drum weighed 725,561 pounds (562,034 pounds dressed weight). The fishermen received $46,849.29 for this catch. The 25 per cent drop in contract drum landings compared to the previous season is due, in part, to the earlier migration of drum northward out of the contract area. Elimination of the present seasonal limitations and extention of the contract area to include Kenedy and Kleburg Counties is recommended so that significant increases in black drum harvest can be affected.


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black drum fish, marine fisheries management