The zooplankton community of Houston Reservoir.

Lacy, T.J.
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Stephen F. Austin State University

A one year study of the limnetic net zooplankton community of eutrophic Houston Reservoir, a warm monomictic reservoir located in southeastern Texs, was conducted from October, 1984 to September, 1985. Samples were taken from seven sites using a submersible plankton pump. The number of organisms per liter and the species composition were determined for each sample. Houston Reservoir had an annual numerical density of 45.4 org/L with the greatest density in the late summer and early fall. The zooplankton community consisted of 72% Rotifera, 19% Copepoda, 7% Cladocera, and 2% Culicidae. The yearly mean species diversity was 2.50. By examining the zooplankton data, it was determined that the West Fork region of the reservoir was the most eutrophic.

140 p., Thesis
zooplankton, limnological surveys, reservoirs, community composition, aquatic communities, plankton surveys, species diversity