Other Side of the Bailout: A Guide to Protecting Environmentally Significant RTC and FDIC Lands


This Guide is designed to help interested individuals and organizations take advantage of the second opportunity discussed above, namely the acquisition of bailout properties for conservation purposes. It provides detailed guidance for those interested in identifying, acquiring or otherwise protecting bailout properties with significant natural, cultural, scientific or historic values. The Guide contains chapters on: the organization and responsibilities of the RTC and FDIC; relevant environmental laws which may influence RTC/FDIC treatment and valuation of environmentally sensitive properties; identification and evaluation of bailout properties for conservation purchases; and approaching and negotiating with RTC and FDIC for purchase. It also contains detailed case studies of efforts by Texas conservation groups and others to identify and purchase bailout properties. Finally, the Guide contains several appendices that provide detailed information on RTC and FDIC organization.


Approximately 100 pages


conservation easement, flood buyout, Resolution Trust Corporation, natural resources management, environmental policy, environmental protection