Economic and environmental problems and needs assessment of southeast Texas. Final.




Henningson, Durham and Richardson, Incorporated
Petra of Texas, Incorporated

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Austin, Texas: Hennigson, Durham and Richardson, Incorporated; and Denton, Texas: Petra of Texas, Incorporated


The U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation conducted a multiphased feasibility study for the Bon Wier Resevoir Project. This proposed reservoir site is located on the Sabine River in Newton County near Bon Wier, Texas. The Bureau's first phase included an appraisal-level investigation to determine if there were water supply needs unsatisfied within the project area to warrant further study on Bon Wier Reservoir. The appraisal-level investigation required detailed data for both water supply and water demands within the sutdy area. The authors were retained to perform a secondary level water demand investigation for the study area, with results presented in this report. The projected water demand categories included municipal, manufacturing, irrigation, livestock, mining, steam electric and estuarine needs. Also, population projections were compiled from various sources and reported.


volumes 1-13; executive summary


economics, river basins, water use, water supply, irrigation, mining, coastal zone, estuaries, inflow, fresh water, habitat, food chains, nutrients, methodology, water resources, hydroelectric power plants, environmental factors, topography, hydrology, water quality, estuarine fisheries, salinity, biology, reservoirs