Water and sediment quality of Galveston Bay




Ward, George H., and Neal E. Armstrong

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Galveston Bay National Estuary Program


For many years, data relating to the quality of water and sediment have been collected in the Galveston Bay system by a variety of organizations and individuals. The purposes of this study, sponsored by the Galveston Bay National Estuary Program, was to compile these data and to perform a quantitative assessment of water and sediment quality of Galveston Bay and its evolution over time. There were three key objectives: (1) compilation of a comprehensive data base in machine-manipulative format; (2) analysis of space and time variation (i.e., trends) in water and sediment quality parameters; and (3) identification of probable casual mechanisms to explicate the observed variations. Their accomplishment provides a foundation for further scientific study of Galveston Bay and for a general understanding of the controls and responses of Bay water quality, which must underlie rational management of the resources of the system.


pgs. 19-25


water quality, sediment quality, data collections, dissolved oxygen (DO), salinity, sediment dynamics, toxicants