Waste Load Evaluation for the Houston Ship Channel System in the San Jacinto River Basin



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Texas Department of Water Resources


A waste load evaluation for the Houston Ship Channel system consisting of the San Jacinto River Tidal (Segment 1001), the Lower Houston Ship Channel (Segment 1005), the Upper Houston Ship Channel (Segment 1006), the Houston Ship Channel Turning Basin (Segment 1007), Tabbs Bay (Segment 2426), San Jacinto Bay (Segment 2427), Black Duck Bay (Segment 2428), Scott Bay (Segment 2429), Burnett Bay (Segment 2430), and Barbours Cut (Segment 2436) has been prepared by the Texas Department of Water Resources. It was adopted by the Texas Water Development Board on December 8, 1983 and approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency on June 12, 1984. The purpose of this evaluation is to define waste treatment levels that will result in the receiving water meeting applicable stream standards through the year 1990. This report updates and amends the previous waste load evaluations and becomes part of the state water quality management plans. The water quality parameter being evaluated in this analysis is dissolved oxygen. Waste load projections and recommended treatment levels are based on information that was available as of December 1, 1983.


292 pages


waste load evaluation, Houston Ship Channel, discharge, water quality