Cedar Bayou, Texas. Navigation. Final environmental impact statement.




U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District

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The project involves the completion of a navigation project consisting of a 2.3 mile, 10 foot by 100 foot, navigation channel in Cedar Bayou and relocation of an 0.8 mile section of the existing project channel in Galveston Bay. Approximately 610,000 cubic yards of material will be dredged and disposed of largely in diked disposal areas. The work will improve the navigation alignment from the bay into the mouth of the bayou affecting a savings in transportation costs and reduction of marine accidents probability. The improvement may induce some acceleration of the industrialization rate of the lower bayou. Adverse effects include: permanent loss of the 9.4 acres of tidal marsh and land area to be excavated; temporary localized increases in water turbidity in the lower reaches of Cedar Bayou and in northwestern Galveston Bay through the hydraulic dredging; and covering of about 120 acres of high marsh by deposition of excavated materials in disposal areas resulting in temporary displacement of some birds and small animals. Alternatives considered include no action and various alternate construction methods. Comments from interested agencies are included.


40 p.


dredging, environmental effects, channels, construction, dredge spoil, waste disposal, marshes