Exuviella baltica: A bloom organism of the Galveston Bay system.




Zotter, J.

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The present report documents the occurrence of high cell concentrations of the dinoflagellate Exuviella baltica Lohmann in three different environmental areas of the Galveston Bay System. Data were recorded once every three weeks from 18 December 1976 through 5 March 1977 during a 12-month study of live nannoplankton (phytoplankton from ca. 3 micrometers to 65 micrometers in size). Concurrent blooms of Exuviella baltica (to 2.8 x 10E5 cells per ml), the Green alga Chlorella sp. (to 2.0 x 10E5 cell per ml) and the Blue-Green alga Schizothrix calciola (to 5.2 x 10E4 cells per ml) were recorded in each of three different environmental areas in Galveston Bay and adjacent waters during the winter months. Total cell concentrations of nannoplankton during the apparently non- toxic blooms were from 6.7 x 10E3 cells per ml to 4.2 x 10E5 cells per ml.


p. 195-198


dinoflagellates, Exuviella baltica, blue-green alga, Schizothrix calcicola, green alga, Chlorella sp., phytoplankton, nannoplankton