Optimizing Reservoir Management. New strategies including systems operation and reallocation may boost reservoir yields.




Jensen, R.

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At first view, Texas appears to be on the verge of a water supply dilemma. Reservoirs are increasingly difficult to construct, both from a political and economic viewpoint. However, recent state water demand projections clearly show that new water supplies need to be developed to meet demands, even if conservation is implemented. The answer would appear to be to build more reservoirs, regardless of the cost or political will. Nonetheless, strategies that optimize the management of existing reservoirs (particularly systems operation and reallocation of reservoir storage) may be a way to supply increasing amounts of water without immediately building new reservoirs. By taking advantage of the latest technology and by having university researchers work together with state and local agencies huge strides have been taken to make reservoir management more efficient. Stewardship of land and water resources benefits everyone. If implemented, the strategies described in this report could be used to make the state's water resource benefit all Texans.


6 p.


water supply, reservoirs, water conservation, water management, water resources, resource conservation, resource development, resource management