State of Texas marine recreational survey: design, implementation, and use of the data




Osburn, H.R.

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Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission


The marine recreational fishery in Texas is a dynamic force on the biological resources and it affects the overall economy of the State. It provides a unique source of leisure for over 1.5 million people each year. To preserve the quality of this fishing experience requires a firm commitment by the resource managers and by those whose fund these managers. Saltwater fishing is a sport for all generations. Scientific research to understand and regulate this sport to assure the continuance of these resources must also span the generations. In Texas, we have just begun to provide the kind of data base necessary to assess accurately what the fishery is, what it is doing, and where it should be going. Through the development of long-term harvest and relative abundance information, TPWD hopes not just to preserve but to improve the prospects for future generations to enjoy marine recreational fishing in Texas.


p. 10-15.


marine fisheries, fishing, sport fishing, fishermen, fishery regulations, programs, design