Proceedings of the Southeast Fisheries Science Center Shrimp Resource Review. Held in Galveston, Texas on September 23-25, 1991




Baxter KN; Scott-Denton E

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The Southeast Fisheries Science Center (SEFSC) requires the scientific review process as a means for routine evaluation of its research program. This method enables administrators to examine the scientific and programmatic merits of various activities so as to remain current with the issues, needs and state-of-the-art technology. As many as three reviews of various program areas are conducted annually. The areas for review are determined by the Science and Research Director based on the recommendations of the following: (1) Director, of the Research Management Division (RMD), (2) Laboratory Directors of the six SEFSC Laboratories, and (3) other members of the SEFSC's Executive Staff. The report documents the proceedings of the Shrimp Resource Program Review held in Galveston, Texas on 23-25 September 1991




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