Impacts of point and nonpoint sources on Vince Bayou and Little Vince Bayou: Segment 1007 of the Houston Ship Channel




Conley, Greg

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, Office of Compliance and Enforcement, Field Operations Divison


Vince Bayou, much of which is tidally influenced, flows the City of Pasadena into the Houston Ship Channel (HSC). Both point source (Wastewater Treatment Plan) and nonpoint source runoff (commercial and residential) occur in Vince Bayou. Vince Bayou was selected for a special study due to the recurrence of fish kills and the appearance of poor water quality. Historical average values from 1983-1993 indicate elevated levels of fecal coliform, total phosphorus orthophosphorus, ammonia nitrogen, and nitrate+nitrite nitrogen. Significant sediment toxicity and elevated levels of metals in water, metals in sediment, and organics in sediment have been detected in Vince Bayou. Electrofishing was used to assess the fish community. All of the species collected were considered tolerant. Based on this survey, Vince Bayou has water quality typical of other heavily industrialized urban streams within Southeast Texas.


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bayous, environmental aspects, water, pollution, nonpoint source pollution, saltwater encroachment