Geochemistry of arsenic and antimony in Galveston Bay, Texas




Tripp, Anthony Roy

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Texas A&M University


The behavior of arsenic and antimony in the water of Galveston Bay, Texas was investigated by a combination field-laboratory study. The field study showed that the concentration of dissolved arsenic in the Upper Bay is controlled by input of arsenic enriched water form the Houston Ship Channel and physical mixing of water in the bay. The concentration of dissolved arsenic and antimony in the Lower Bay varies with geographical position, but generally centers around the sea water value with no indication of important sources or sinks. Though the bulk chemical character of the bayous of Galveston Island exhibit large differences from the Lower Bay water, there was no significant differnece between the concentration of arsenic and antimony in the bayou and open bay.


75 pgs.


geochemistry, antimony, arsenic, geographical coordinates, suspended particulate matter, water mixing