Galveston Bay Comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement and Full Disclosure of Cumulative Impacts


The Galveston Bay system is the most productive estuarine system on the Texas Coast. At this time, at least seven proposed federal projects (each the subject of a separate environmental impact statement (EIS)) have the potential for effecting the Galveston Bay system. Each of these proposed projects is being, or has been, evaluated as if that single project were the only federal action affecting Galveston Bay. To date, no analysis of the cumulative impacts of these multiple projects has been prepared. In order to adequately and fully disclose these impacts on this important bay system, a comprehensive EIS (CEIS) must be prepared. This position has been adopted by five state agencies, the Governor of Texas, and several private environmental and conservation groups. In the sections that follow, the rationale and legal basis for this Galveston Bay CEIS will be presented. First, the Galveston Bay system will be described. Next, the pending federal proposals and their potential cumulative impacts on the bay will be identified. A section describing the legal basis for this CEIS will follow, and those governmental agencies with jurisdiction over these actions will be discussed. The scope and analytical framework of the CEIS will conclude this article.


8 pages; available for download at the link below.


comprehensive environmental impact statement, environmental protection, environmental impact, Galveston Bay, Texas