Demonstration marsh permitting issues


1997 1997 Apr 6


Esenwein RC
Koenig TN
Gorini RF Merritt DH

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The purpose of the Demonstration Marsh was to identify environmental and design parameters and management requirements needed for the establishment, growth and survival of created marsh. Key operating requirements for the typical dredging equipment most likely to be utilized for the future placement of maintenance dredged material for the proposed widening and deepening of the Houston Ship Channel were employed in the construction of the site. The 89 ha (220 acre) Demonstration Marsh is similar in size to the individual cells of the proposed beneficial uses sites which range from 57 ha to 142 ha (140 acres to 350 acres) in size. Construction and management techniques developed for the Demonstration Marsh can be directly applied to marsh creation for the widening and deepening project. The Demonstration Marsh project required an individual Department of the Army Permit. The proposal required the filling of shallow bay bottom -- an activity which is not ordinarily preferred by the USACE, resource agencies, or environmental interests. The individual permit process required a full assessment of environmental impact and rigorous application of the EPA's 404(b)(1) guidelines. In addition, a permit amendment was required for the construction of levee protection which was installed one year after site construction




AQ 00001 Water Resources and Supplies, Construction, Dredge spoil, Dredging, Ecosystem management, EE 10 General Environmental Engineering, Environment management, Environmental impact, Environmental issues, Environmental management, Levees, Marshes, Navigational channels, Permits, Q5 01521 Mechanical and natural changes, USA,Texas, USA,Texas,Houston, Water policy, Water resources