Interim Report V Alternative Control Strategies for Point and Nonpoint Discharges - DRAFT


Interim Report V is one of the eleven major reports to be prepared within the Corpus Christi "208" study area. It is a major program output in that a specific review and comment process is to be followed before state certification can be given the document. Following state certification, these special outputs can be forwarded to the Environmental Protection Agency for final review. Citizen participation is a critical phase of the local review process. "Alternate Control Strategies for Point and Nonpoint Discharges" is a composite of information from several earlier task outputs. Each chapter in this document addresses a project output that has a special linkage to the proposed alternative control strategies, (Chapter 6). Not all of the information compiled or prepared during individual task efforts is presented in the following chapters, only summaries are provided except in Chapter 6 which is presented in a more complete documentation of Tasks 2.9 and 2.25 which generated "alternative systems configurations" and "defined technical subplans" respectively. The reader must refer to individual task outputs for more detailed information about a particular subject. The purpose of this report is to present alternative technical solutions to identified water quality management problems. The costs, environmental effects, and system characteristics for each technical proposal, by water segment, are derived in the following chapters. The report outline followed in preparing this document is defined in the approved "Detailed Work Program for the Corpus Christi Areawide Waste Treatment Planning Program", (Appendix E).


Approximately 450 pages


Corpus Christi, Texas, waste water treatment