Report on shellfish producing waters in Galveston Bay.




Holle, H.A.

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Texas State Department of Health, Division of Sanitary Engineering


The purpose of this survey is to continuously determine the sanitary conditions affecting the oyster beds in Galveston Bay and the quality of the oysters with the intent of approval or disapproval of these regions for the harvesting of shellfish for safe human consumption. For several years prior to 1951, the Galveston Bay Area had been closed for the taking of oysters on a commercial scale. A continuous sampling program of both the over-laying waters and shellstock was started in 1950. From the information secured during this program it was possible to open some sections of Galveston Bay for commercial oyster production in the 1951 season. The sampling program was continued and additional information secured which made it possible to open additional areas in the 1952 season and still a larger area in 1955. A number of new sewage treatment plants were constructed and the operation of existing plants was improved which made a vast improvement in the sanitary survey of the area.


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oysters, sewage treatment, pollution, surveys, sampling