Solid waste management plan for Texas 1980-1986. Volume 2: Industrial Solid Waste.




Texas Department of Water Resources

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Texas Department of Water Resources


Volume II of this plan encompasses the overall solid waste management responsibilities of the Texas Department of Water Resources as delineated in the State Solid Waste Disposal Act. This includes those activities associated with the collection, handling, storage, processing and disposal of industrial solid waste. Volume II is also concerned with the interrelationship of all state, regional, and local authorities involved in the management of industrial solid waste. It applies to hazardous and non-hazardous industrial solid waste as well as the responsibilities of the Texas Department of Water Resources in reviewing the water quality aspects of all solid waste management activities.... Time constraints for the development of this volume have limited the extent of data analysis performed. Further work is planned to analyze existing Department data and to utilize that information in future revisions of this plan.


101 pgs.


refuse, disposal, solid waste, hazardous, regional, non-hazardous, factory, trade waste, industrial solid waste