Hydrographic and Climatological Study of Area M-1 - Ecological Survey of Area M-1


In order to measure the characteristics of water and climate present in Area M-1, water samples were taken monthly from Sabine Lake for salinity and temperature determination. Data on air temperature, precipitation, wind and river discharge were taken from publications. Air and water temperature averages were found to show considerable variation in some months. This was due to the fact that water temperatures were recorded only once each month. Salinities in Sabine Lake are normally low. During the course of the nineteen month study, salinities averaged below 15 parts per thousand in all months except June, 1960. Horizontal and vertical salinity gradients were present. The vertical gradient is especially conspicuous in that portion of the lake nearest the Gulf. The horizontal gradient, with highest salinities in that portion of the lake nearest the Gulf, is disrupted during periods of low river discharge. During such periods, high salinity water enters the upper end of the lake by way of the Sabine-Neches Ship Channel resulting in higher salinities at each end of the lake with lesser salinities in the center.


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climatology, salinity, water quality data, Sabine Lake