Development cycle for a new marine chytrid, Phlyctocrytrium mackini sp. Nov., (Chytridiales: Phlyctidiaceae) from the Gulf of Mexico.




Ray, J.P.

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Texas A&M University.


A new species of marine chytrid from the Gulf of Mexico, Phlyctochytrium mackini (Chytridiales: Phlyctidiaceae), was grown from two samples of plankton collected at Galveston and Freeport, Texas. One series of cultures were grown from mixed plankton samples and the other from hand sorted zoo-plankton samples. Chytrid colonies were grown on Watson's beef serum agar and all stages of the life cycle were studied and photographed using a Leitz Orthomat camera. Descriptions of morphology and behavior of the new species are given, as observed on the artificial medium. Zoospores could be placed in age groups depending on their shape and activity. Mature zoospores enlarged and produced penetration pegs which are used to penetrate host cells. An interesting pre-zoospore formation activity was observed.


82 p., Thesis


invertebrate zoology, plankton, spores, new species, Phlyctochytrium mackini, diatoms, chytrids, life cycle, culture media, parasites