Straits of Florida: physical oceanographic field study. Data Report.




Science Applications International Corporation

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U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service, Atlantic OCS Regional Office


The specific objectives of this study were two-fold: 1) To aquire data sets which provide initial and boundary conditions for a numerical circulation model as well as information which can be used for model validation and verification. 2) To develop an improved understanding of primary circulation patterns in the study area and the responsible forcing mechanisms. The overall rationale for the SoF project, which these objectives support, is development of a numerical circulation model which will provide improved input to and hence reliability of the Oil Spill Risk Assessment (OSRA) model results. OSRA is used to provide a probabilistic characterization of potential adverse impacts of activities linked directly to offshore oil and gas development, production, and transportation.


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oceanography, physical oceanography, circulation, oil spill risk assessment models, water level gradients, oil and gas development, oil and gas production, oil and gas transportation