Storm Water Management for Construction Activities - Developing Pollution Prevention Plans and Best Management Practices - Summary Guidance


This booklet provides summary guidance on the development of storm water pollution prevention plans and identification of appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs) for construction activities. It provides technical assistance and support for construction activities subject to pollution prevention requirements established under National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for storm water point source discharges. EPA's storm water program significantly expands the scope and application of the existing NPDES permit system for municipal and industrial process wastewater discharges. It emphasizes pollution prevention and reflects a heavy reliance on BMPs to reduce pollutant loadings and improve water quality. This booklet provides summary guidance in both of these areas. The document summarized here was issued in support of EPA regulations and policy initiatives involving the development and implementation of a National storm water program. The document is Agency guidance only. It does not establish or affect legal rights or obligations. Agency decisions in any particular case will be made applying the laws and regulations on the basis of specific facts when permits are issued or regulations promulgated. The document and this booklet will be revised and expanded periodically to reflect additional pollution prevention information and data on treatment effectiveness of BMPs.

38 pages; available for download at the link below.
runoff, storm water management, environmental protection