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United States Environmental Protection Agency


The purpose of this document is to compile an annotated bibliography of essential and secondary policy and technical dredged material reference documents that can be cited by EPA Headquarters and Regional personnel. This document is not a formal bibliography of documents, but a quick reference guide to documents that may be of interest. Therefore documents are referenced by title or subject and not by author. Classification of the documents into essential and secondary categories will allow EPA personnel to quickly identify documents that may contain general (essential) or site-/case-specific (secondary) policy and technical issues. EPA Regional Ocean Dumping Coordinators were interviewed by telephone to determine which policy and technical documents they considered as essential and secondary references to dredged material disposal. The classification of documents herein was recommended by those interviewed. Some documents appear as both policy and technical documents because they were classified as both by interviewees.


59 pages; available for download at the link below.


marine pollution, waste disposal in the ocean, dredging, environmental protection