Movement, growth, and survival of spotted seatrout tagged in Bastrop Bayou, Texas.




Baker, W.B., Jr.
Matlock, G.C.
McEachron, L.W.
Green, A.W.
Hegen, H.E.

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During February 1976-November 1981, 2040 spotted seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) were caught for tagging with hook and line at Bastrop Marina on Bastrop Bayou in the Galveston Bay system. The subsequent tag return rate was 8.6% (176 individuals). Tag recapture data indicate an exit of fish from the Bayou in winter months with a return in the spring, followed by a summer exit and a subsequent fall return. Along with this cyclical pattern, a possible migratory behavior pattern emerged when virtually no recaptures appeared in adjacent tributaries even though spotted seatrout are frequently harvested in these adjacent areas. This suggests the possibility of sub-populations within Galveston Bay. Forward stepwise regression analyses indicate that total length at release, number of warm days free and number of cold days free accounted for 60.28% of the variation in total length at recapture. Survival of spotted seatrout tagged in fall ranged from 20-33% per year.


p. 91-102.


spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus, tagging, survival, growth, migrations