Partnerships in conservation education. Bringing the Message Home: 'Learning to be water wise and energy efficient' youth education program




Baker, Carole D.

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


The Learning to Be Water Wise and Energy Efficient youth education program is being coordinated by the Subsidence District through partnerships with public and private water suppliers. It combines an educational curriculum that teaches how to consume less water and energy by combining high efficiency plumbing equipment and new water smart habits. The program is being offered each year to over 55,000 fifth grade students in the Texas upper gulf coast areas including Harris, Galveston and Fort Bend Counties. Learning by Doing is the main ingredient of this curriculum. Each student and teacher participating receives a water conservation instructional materials package that teaches a number of behaviors to alter wasteful habits, and a kit that includes a low-flow showerhead, low-flow kitchen and bathroom aerators, water/rain gauge, water heater temperature check device and leak detection tablets. Each unit is specifically designed to give teachers, parents and students the hands-on experience of installing and monitoring water energy conservation equipment.


pgs. 19-24


education, water conservation, energy conservation, water management, environmental protection