The benthic macroinvertebrate community structure of Lake Houston, Texas.

Howard, J.G.
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Stephen F. Austin State University

This study was undertaken in order to analyze the affects of the physical and chemical characteristics of a subtropical, monomictic reservoir upon the community structure of its benthic macroinvertebrates. Twenty-eight physical and chemical parameters were monitored monthly at site where benthic samples were collected and an an analysis for heavy metals, organic matter, and sediment composition was done on sediment samples collected from each sampling site. Biological indices, correlations with physicochemical data, evaluations of the individual organisms collected, and a comparison with the data collected from other reservoirs of known trophic states were used in determining the trophic status of the reservoir. Species diversity, redundancy, richness, and evenness indices were also used in analyzing benthic community structure and in evaluating the water quality. A community ordination analysis and a cluster analysis were also used to aid in this endeavor.

103 p., Thesis
benthos, aquatic communities, benthic environment, community composition, invertebrate zoology, insects, reservoirs, water quality