The Protection and Management of the Sargasso Sea




Laffoley, D.d’A
Roe, H.S.J
Angel, M.V
Ardron, J
Bates, N.R
Boyd, I.L.
Brooke, S
Buck, K.N
Carlson, C.A
Causey, B

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Sargasso Sea Alliance




sargassum, Sargasso Sea, management, protection, Bermuda


Laffoley, D.d’A.1 , Roe, H.S.J.2 , Angel, M.V.2 , Ardron, J.3 , Bates, N.R.4 , Boyd, I.L.25, Brooke, S.3 , Buck, K.N.4 , Carlson, C.A.5 , Causey, B.6 , Conte, M.H.4 , Christiansen, S.7 , Cleary, J.8 , Donnelly, J.8 , Earle, S.A.9 , Edwards, R.10, Gjerde, K.M.1 , Giovannoni, S.J.11, Gulick, S.3 , Gollock, M. 12, Hallett, J. 13, Halpin, P.8 , Hanel, R.14, Hemphill, A. 15, Johnson, R.J.4 , Knap, A.H.4 , Lomas, M.W.4 , McKenna, S.A.9 , Miller, M.J.16, Miller, P.I.17, Ming, F.W.18, Moffitt, R.8 , Nelson, N.B.5 , Parson, L. 10, Peters, A.J.4 , Pitt, J. 18, Rouja, P.19, Roberts, J.8 , Roberts, J.20, Seigel, D.A.5 , Siuda, A.N.S.21, Steinberg, D.K.22, Stevenson, A.23, Sumaila, V.R.24, Swartz, W.24, Thorrold, S.26, Trott, T.M. 18, and V. Vats1 2011. The protection and management of the Sargasso Sea: The golden floating rainforest of the Atlantic Ocean. Summary Science and Supporting Evidence Case. Sargasso Sea Alliance, 44 pp.