Study of Oyster Growth and Population Structure in Aransas, Mesquite and Copano Bays - Survey of Oyster Populations and Associated Organisms


Population studies conducted in Aransas, Mesquite and Copano Bays have shown an increase in growth rate and population abundance over that found during the 1961-1962 study. Dermocystidium marinum, a parasite fungus prevalent in the area, did not cause any noticeable mortalities, a factor which was reflected by an increase in survival rate of commercial size oysters. Salinities in Aransas, Mesquite and Copano Bays have shown a correlated increase with a decrease in precipitation. Salinities during the late summer months extended above the 25.0 ppt average and in some areas were as high as 38.0 ppt creating conditions comparable to those found during the 1951-1957 drought.


10 pages; available for download at the link below.


Copano Bay, Aransas Bay, salinity, Dermocystidium marinum, oysters, stock assessment