Water quality modeling sampling program: areawide waste treatment management plan for the southeast Texas




Texas Water Quality Board, Administrative Operations Division

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Texas Water Quality Board, Administrative Operations Division


This report has been prepared in accordance with an agreement between the Texas Water Quality Board and the South East Texas Regional Planning Commission (SETRPC) covering the improvement of steady-state mathematical models of stream water quality for the Beaumont- Port Arthur 208 Area. As required in TASK 2.42, the purpose of the report is to identify additional data requirements to improve parametric coverage and to improve the accuracy of existing models. The model can then be employed to assess the water quality management alternatives in the area under projected future waste discharge conditions, and to indicate those areas in which additional controls of waste discharges may be necessary. This report includes a summary of the existing water quality as well as the historical hydraulic and chemical quality data. Physical and chemical parameters necessary to calibrate or verify the mathematical models are identified by frequency, location, and scheduling. Sampling stations and point source discharges are described verbally anad located on maps of the area.


18 pgs. and 2 maps


modeling, management, waste treatment, water quality, point source pollution, water quality management, sewage, purification, measurement, mathematical models