Simulation modeling of estuarine ecosystems


1979 1979 Jun 18


Johnson RW
ISBN 0-306-40452-4 Hamilton P
Macdonald KB

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A simulation model has been developed of Galveston Bay, Texas ecosystem. Secondary productivity measured by harvestable species (such as shrimp and fish) is evaluated in terms of man-related and controllable factors, such as quantity and quality of inlet freshwater and pollutants. This simulation model used information from an existing physical parameters model as well as pertinent biological measurements obtained by conventional sampling techniques. Predicted results from the moel compared favorably with those from comparable investigations. In addition, this paper discusses remotely sensed and conventional measurements in the framework of prospective models that may be used to study estuarine processes and ecosystem productivity




ASW,Galveston Bay, biological, Ecosystems, estuaries, Estuarine dynamics, fish, Galveston Bay, measurement, models, Phytoplankton, Pollutants, production, Q1 01461 Plankton, Q1 01463 Habitat community studies, Q2 02170 Nearshore dynamics, Q2 02184 Composition of water, remote sensing, Sampling, Secondary Productivity, simulation, Spartina, Texas, Thalassia testudinum, USA, water, Water quality