Suspended particulate size distribution in Houston.




Chen, C.T.
Severs, R.K.

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This is a report on the measuring program in which the suspended particulated size distribution was measured with the Royo Model 225 Particle monitor which utilizes the principle of forward light scattering to detect particles in the gaseous phase. The monitor will detect concentrations of up to 10**8 particles per cubic feet of 0.3 micrometer diameter and larger. Mathematical techniques were applied to data obtained and the isopleth maps were prepared by using the SYMAP computer program on the basis of trend-surface analysis. The isopleth maps showed that the location of the particulate concentration circle was displaced from the Houston Ship Channel source but not away from the downtown area source. It was also shown that in the Houston area the isopleth maps of number of suspended particulates and mass distribution were coincidental.


p. 60-65.


suspended particulate matter, particulates, size distribution