Managing Uncertainty in Environmental Decisions




Crumbling, Deana M. , Cheryl Groenies, Barry Lesnik, Kira Lynch, Johnnette Shockley, Jeff Van EE, Robert Howe, Larry Keith and Jerry McKenna

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American Chemical Society


Many environmental decision makers and practitioners worldwide assume that the quality of data pertaining to a contaminated site is primarily determined by the nature of the analyticaly chemistry methods used to collect information. This assumption, which diminishes the importance of sampling uncertainties, can have a pronounced, negative effect on the cost and effectiveness of contaminated site cleanups. ... We propose that a more comprehensive understanding of data quality concepts can improve decision making for site investigation and cleanup projects. Defensible decision making is only possible when the concept of data quality is understood to encompass all of the parameters that influence contaminated site management data, not just analytical method performance.


pgs. 405 A - 409 A


pollution, sanitary chemistry, environmental, decision making, data quality, contaminated sites, sampling, site cleanup, environmental data, triad approach