Intensive survey of Greens Bayou segment 1016




Twidwell, S.
Davis, J.

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, Surface Water Quality Monitoring Team


An intensive survey of Greens Bayou was conducted by Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission (TNRCC) June 26-28, 1995. Greens Bayou originates in northwest Harris County and flows east-southeast for approximately 55 miles where it joins the Houston Ship Channel, approximately 16 miles upstream of Galveston Bay. The lower 12.7 miles of Greens Bayou are tidally influenced. The TNRCC has placed Greens Bayou on the 1998 303(d) List based on historical data that indicate fecal coliform levels sometimes exceed the criterion to assure safe contact recreation and the mean lead concentration in water exceeds criterion established to protect aquatic life from chronic exposure. In addition, a total maximum daily load (TMDL) for dissolved oxygen is in preparation for this water body by the TNRCC. For the survey, 13 mainstream stations were established on Greens Bayou upstream of tidall influence. Samples were also collected from Garner Bayou and North Fork Greens Bayou, the only tributaries flowing at the time of the study. Effluents were sampled from 12 of the largest domestic wastewater treatment plans (WWTP's) which discharge to Greens Bayou.


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