California Coastal Plan



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California Coastal Zone Conservation Commission


This report transmits to you the California Coastal Plan mandated by the Coastal Initiative (Proposition 20) in 1972. The Coastal Plan has evolved through countless hours of public hearings, public review of draft proposals, and informational meetings--public participation in resource planning on a scale unmatched in California. Because this Plan takes into account the wide range of often conflicting views expressed to us, because the Plan was written by 84 Commissioners on six Regional Commissions and one State Commission, and because we ourselves reflect a broad spectrum of ideas about the coast, the Plan does not speak with a single voice. All of us subscribe to some recommendations more strongly than to others, and all of us share the frustrations inevitable in being not the sole author but the contributing authors of the Plan. Nonetheless, we submit to you a Plan that we believe speaks for the people of California, a Plan that can guide us in dealing with an uncertain future, a balanced Plan designed to meet two principle objectives: 1. Protect the California coast as a great natural resource for the benefit of present and future generations. 2. Use the coast to meet human needs in a manner that protects the irreplaceable resources of coastal lands and waters.


156 pages; available for download at the link below.


shore protection, coastal zone management