Waterfowl harvest recommendations.




Stutzenbaker, C.D.

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Aerial waterfowl surveys were conducted in November and December 1975 and January 1976. Total waterfowl wintering in Texas during 1975-76 as measured by the National Mid-Winter Waterfowl Survey was 4,807,550 ducks, geese, coots and mergansers. The Mid-Winter count for 1974-75 was 5,377,538 total waterfowl. The 1975-76 count was considered conservative because winter resident birds were widely scattered and large portions of marginal waterfowl range were not surveyed. A total of 810,190 snow-blue geese was counted in December but this figure was added to significantly by additional migrants later in December and January. A total of 601,375 redheads was located in January along the Texas Coast. The Shortgrass Prairie Canada Goose population was tallied at 120,000 birds. This represented 55% of the continental population. The Tallgrass Prairie Canada Goose population was 95,695 and this represented 53% of the total continental population. Mallards totaled 413,369, pintails totaled 1,231,320 and green wing teals tallied 663,488. The resident mottled duck population was tallied at 44,669.




aquatic birds, migrations, harvesting, waterfowl, biological surveys