Distribution of Aquatic Macro-Fauna in a Marsh on West Galveston Bay, Texas and Possible Effects Thereon Resulting From Impoundments for Shrimp Culture




Parker JC; Holcomb HW; Klussmann WG; McNeill JC

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A survey was conducted to identify the macro-fauna of a marsh adjacent to West Galveston Bay, Texas. The factors affecting their distribution were studied for evaluation of changes which might result from large areas of marsh being impounded for shrimp culture. Results indicate that construction of large-scale impoundments for shrimp culture, at the expense of removing flooded grasslands, would alter the physical features of the marsh and reduce habitats suitable for year-round survival of the stable macro-fauna. In addition, competitor and predator control in these ponds would require the removal of all aquatic macro-fauna other than shrimp. The impact of these changes on the total marsh ecosystem is not known but should be considered and studied in detail before ponds are constructed. Conceivably, marsh areas could be managed so as to insure a reasonable amount of habitat for the stable macro-fauna while allowing ample lands for shrimp culture. (TAMU-SG abstract)




57H Medicine & Biology: Ecology;Aquaculture;Aquatic animals;Aquatic biology;Area;Construction;Distribution;Ecology;Galveston;Galveston bay;Grassland;Habitat;Habitats;Impact;Impoundments;Land;Land use;Marine microorganisms;Ponds;Removal;Sea Grant Program;Shrimp;Shrimps;Survival;Swamps;Texas;United States;West Galveston Bay;