Field Evaluation of the Quality of Effluent from Confined Dredged Material Disposal Areas: Supplemental Study - Houston Ship Channel




Thackston EL
Palermo MR

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Intended to supplement several previous studies, this report describes the results of a field evaluation of the method for predicting containment area effluent quality for a dredging project on the Houston Ship Channel. The project and field data collection process are explained, along with details of laboratory tests run sediment and water samples. The resulting prediction of the tests are compared to the measured field data, and conclusions are drawn. This study furnished further verification of validity, accuracy, and usefulness of the predictive method, especially in cases of consideration of highly unusual local conditions. Keywords: Confined disposal; Contaminants; Dredged material; Effluent; Elutriate test; Water quality. (sdw)




68C Environmental Pollution & Control: Solid Wastes Pollution & Control, 68D Environmental Pollution & Control: Water Pollution & Control, Accuracy, Channels, Confinement, Containment, Data acquisition, Dredged materials, Dredging, Effluents, Field conditions, Field tests, General, Houston, Houston Ship Channel, Laboratory tests, Quality, Sampling, Sediments, Ships, Verification, Waste disposal, Water, Water pollution sampling, Water quality, Waterways