Interim feasibility report and environmental impact statement, Texas City Channel. Draft. Volume 1: Main Report.




U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District.


This study is the main report, volume 1 for this title. This interim study, which is being conducted independently of the comprehensive Galveston Bay Area Navigation Study, is primarily concerned with solving the navigation problems associated with the channel and port facilities of Texas City. The study has been accomplished through adherence to the guidelines set forth by the "Principles and Standards for Planning Water and Related Land Resources" established by the Water Resources Council in September 1973, pursuant to Section 103 of the Water Resources Planning Act; and Corps of Engineers regulations more specifically outlining the planning process and report requirements. At this time, the problems and needs have been identified, planning objectives established, and alternatives formulated and evaluated. Careful analyses of costs, benefits, and impacts have taken place, as has public review. A plan which best meets the planning objectives has been identified and selected for recommendation to the Congress for Federal participation in its implementation. The area of study generally encompasses the lower Galveston Bay System and the Galveston Entrance Channel, with emphasis placed on the Texas City Channel and adjacent area. The study area for each of the resource areas was defined as follows: Environmental Setting and Natural Resources, Human Resources, Economy of Area, and Economics. There are appendices that accompany this volume at Acc#3743.


254 pages


environmental impact, water quality, erosion control, recreation, wetlands, human resources, cost analysis, ship canals, channels