Ship-of-Opportunity Hydrographic Data from R/V GYRE Cruises 93G-09, 93G-10 and 93G-11 in August-September-October 1993




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CTD and XBT data were collected in August-September-October 1993 on three cruises of R/V Gyre while the TAMU research vessel was under charter to Navy-sponsored investigators from the Naval Research Laboratory (Stennis Space Center, MS) and the Naval Air Warfare Center (Warminster, PA). The Technical Support Services Group at TAMU has reported these hydrographic data of opportunity to NOAA's National Oceanographic Data Center (TAMU Ship of Opportunity Program code 0215) for inclusion into the data base of over 600 Ship of Opportunity Program CTD + XBT casts that TAMU Technicians have collected 1989-1993 from the Gulf of Mexico. Cruise 93G-09: Galveston TX to Panama City FL: The CTD cast and the 2 XBTs indicate that a warm (> 29.5 C) and low salinity (to 17 PSU) surface layer that was mixed to a depth of 6-7 m was flowing eastward from the Mississippi River delta in early August. Cruise 93G-10: Gulfport MS to Galveston TX: These CTD casts indicate that some freshwater continued to flow east from the Mississippi River delta in September, for all had a surface layer of salinity 26-29 PSU that was mixed to a depth of 5-7 m. Cruise 93G-11: Galveston TX to Galveston TX: The area was characterized by Gulf Common Water: surface salinity here ranged 35.89-36.02 PSU, and maximum salinity subsurface was less than 36.52 PSU




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