Spartina workshop record: Seattle, Washington on November 14-15, 1990.




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Washington Sea Grant Program, University of Washington


Intertidal areas of Washington, Oregon, California, and British Columbia are currently being invaded by three exotic species of cordgrass: Spartina alterniflora, S. patens, and S. anglica. These plants form dense, monotypic stands that colonize bare tideflats and displace low intertidal salt marsh. If left uncontrolled, these areas will ultimately consist of broad marsh flats cut by narrow, deep channels. The result is massive habitat alteration, with ramifications for wildlife, fisheries, geology, native vegetation, and hydrology. The Spartina Workshop featured an international array of Spartina experts who provided participants with information on the biology and ecology of cordgrass, its distribution and impacts, and control and eradication methods and programs. Abstracts of their presentations are included in this report. Areas of research related to Spartina and its control, approaches for dealing with Spartina invasions in western coastal states, and processes to implement proposals are also presented in this record.


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records, Spartina alterniflora, smooth cordgrass, Spartina patens, salt meadow cordgrass, Spartina anglica, common cordgrass, rice grass, congresses, northwest, pacific, control