Coastal natural resources report. Report to the Governor and 68th Legislature: Issues for action as recommended by the Natural Resources Political Advisory Committee. Final draft, part I




Texas Energy and Natural Resources Advisory Council

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This report comprises information on problems and issues affecting the coastal natural resources area of the state and, further, that a comprehensive report recommending action on those problems and issues be submitted biennially to the Governor and the Legislature. Other factors emphasize the need for the report's investigation of coastal natural resource issues and the search for resolution of those issues. The Texas coastline contains some of the state's most productive and valuable lands and waters, and a great part of the population has chosen to live and work along the coast. Development of industries related to energy production has increased in the area. The numerous recreational activities in the coastal area, accounting for major contributions to local economies and the state's tourism industry. This increasing use and development of our coastal area, and the resultant increase in the competition for limited resources, has created many resource allocation problems that demand attention and require action.


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aquaculture, waste disposal, wastes, erosion, fresh water, inflow, energy, offshore, public access, coastal zone management, natural resources, resource conservation, resource management, Natural Resources Council Act of 1977, Coastal Coordination Act of 1977