Rivers of the United States. Volume 1: Estuaries




Patrick, R.

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John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated


It is all-important that one uderstand how natural ecosystems function and the role that many species that compose the system have in securing an efficient and effective method of nutrient transfer. This approach to understanding the aquatic life in riverine systems has not been done to any great extent except that lists of species have been composed, and functions such as primary and secondary productions and detritus processing have been studied thoroughly. The two have not been put together in an extensive way as Patrick has tried to do in this book. All estuaries have not been described, nor do we have the knowledge of the species living in them and how they function to accomplish this task. Therefore, selected representative estuaries of different physical structure, in different parts of the country have been represented to elucidate how diverse ecosystems in estuaries function.


825 p


estuaries, rivers, mangroves, fluvial morphology, species composition