Guadalupe River - Channel to Victoria, Texas. Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement





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This report presents the results of an investigation to determine the need and advisability of enlarging the existing Channel to Victoria project, including the Channel to Seadrift, in the interest of commercial navigation. The existing federally maintained project provides for a sea level channel 9 feet deep by 100 feet wide that extends from the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) 34.6 miles to a turning basin located 7 miles south of Victoria, Texas. About 10 miles of the existing channel traverses San Antonio Bay, and the maintenance material dredged from this reach of the project is placed in unconfined disposal areas in the Bay. From channel mile 10 to the turning basin, the waterway is essentially a landlocked channel, and the disposal areas along this reach are located in upland areas. The Channel to Seadrift is also a federally maintained 9-foot by 100-foot channel which extends from the Channel to Victoria about 2 miles across San Antonion Bay to a turning basin near Seadrift, Texas. The Channel to Seadrift intersects the Channel to Victoria at a point 6.5 miles from the GIWW.


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